NieR:Automata – 1st Live Boradcast


Thanks to a little heads-up by reddit user Anacra, it appears as though Square Enix is planning on continuing with their tradition of live broadcasts to show more of the game. The first broadcast will be on Wednesday, October 26 from 8:00-9:15PM.

* Please note that this is Japan time, so you’ll have to calculate for other time zones.  


Planned appearances by:

  • Producer: Saito Yosuke
  • Director: Yoko Taro
  • Game Designer: Taura Takahisa


It will be interesting how Yoko Taro makes his appearance for this broadcast since his Emil mask may still be out of commission. We know that yoshi has been fixing it and it might be ready by then, but… what if it’s not!? xD

Not much is known about this event at the time except that some new information will be released!

This broadcast may also have something to do with Pairs Games Week, which starts the very next day. There has been no news whether or not there will be any presentation at PGW on NieR:Automata this year, however.

You can view the broadcast on YouTube, which is shown below, or also at NicoNico Douga.

Speculation: The Signs are in the Eye

Sometime after SQEX posted the first of five blog posts sharing more information on the NieR:Automata Black Box Edition, Yoko Taro posted something interesting on Twitter regarding the emblem printed on the front of the box.

“Our PR rep really fussed over the NieR limited edition box. Actually, the designer has a hidden design somewhere in the emblem printed here, and that, we’ll discuss some other time……” ーYoko Taro


So, that got me thinking some more and imagining what could be “hidden” in this design. When I first saw the emblem or glyph, I thought it resembled an eye that possibly has a tear streaming down from it. I also thought it resembled a lot like a blooming flower, reminiscent of the Flower entity from DOD3, and we all know that damn thing could still be lurking out there somewhere, clinging onto dear life.

Another thing I wondered about was whether or not this particular design was borrowed from or maybe merged some of the glyphs from the previous games. So for that purpose, let’s take another look at the main glyphs.


Here, we can see that Zero’s glyph was clearly made in retrospect to resemble Caim’s own: a blossoming flower with Caim’s dragon-esque glyph emerging from within. As for the other Utautai glyphs from DOD3, they all have a uniform circular structor to the design with varying aspects setting them apart from each other. The one the intrigues me the most in relation to the new NieR:Automata glyph is One’s. It shares almost the same, exact spikes as Nowe’s glyph with a total of 6 protruding “wing” spikes (Nowe’s seems to have an additional 3 on the “tail”).


I also thought that, overall, the emblem resembled the flower “dash” that was used in the DOD3 logo, as seen above. If you rotate the image 90 degrees to the right and imagine an eye sprouting from the center of the flower, I think that depicts the basics of the design.


This particular head-on look of an eye reminded me of the graphics from DOD3 that represented each Utautai:


Stepping a little further from the graphical design, there are 5 prongs at the top of the “eye” to create apparent eye lashes. The number 5… there were 5 additional Utautai born from the flower due to Zero’s offensive action.

Oh, and the YoRHa Bunker also displays a nice emblem, too:


This glyph also shares the same five prongs that appear in the “eye” glyph above, but this one has three swords, standing tall and straight. I don’t have anything much to say on this yet, but… the number three brings to mind the original 3 YoRHa from the beginning days of the YoRHa endeavor in connection with MONACA and DearStage. It was these three vocalists that sang the boss battle themes on the DOD3 soundtrack. You can find more information on this here.

So what do you think? Could this be a clue that actively connects both game series? We know they exist in the same world at different points in the overall timeline, but… could they be more entangled than that? More related in each other’s future–and past–than we were initially lead to believe?

Or is it all yet more smoke and mirrors…?

The Black Box Edition: The Outer Box

This is my translation the October 21 blog update on the official NieR:Automata site.
The photos and original content is from there.


Good evening, everyone. I’m the PR Director for NieR:Automata. We wanted to show you more about the NieR:Automata Black Box Edition, so we’ll be bringing you more detailed information in five separate parts.

Even though we’re still taking orders, it is a limited release, so if you feel like it’s something that you MUST HAVE, please try to get your orders in as soon as possible!

So, to kick this post off, here’s a little comment from the producer, Saito Yosuke:

Thanks to everyone, we’ve received a huuuuuuuuuuuge number of pre-orders! That being said, we’re still taking orders!! There will come a time when we need to close pre-orders, so please use this chance to make your order now! You won’t regret it!

ー Saito Yosuke, NieR:Automata Producer


I’m the PR director, working under Director Yoko and Producer Saito to push forward the overall design, so here’s one of the things that, like Saito mentioned earlier, you will not regret: The Outer Box.


Just as the name suggests, it’s a jet black box with nice silk prints of the emblem and title—it really radiates a sense of quality. Just taking a look at the outside of the box, it’s difficult to imagine what could possibly be inside, right……?

03 04 05

Close up, you can actually see the thickness of the print.


The same black paper was used for the inside of the box. If we had used black ink on white paper, the text would bleed through, so…


We set the box in the staff cafeteria, and boy, does it seem like an ominous object……

So, anyway, that’s our introduction of the outer box. Next up we’ll show you more of the figure! Stay tuned!

The original Japanese article was written by NieR:Automata PR Director No1.

Famitsu Magazine – Issue No. 1455

We were treated to a 6-page article detailing more on the NieR:Automata battle system. For the most part, there is nothing new here that we didn’t already learn from this year’s presentation at TGS.


More details on the stylish
and refreshing battle system
with simple mechanics!

Production Notes
The job of a game designer doesn’t stop at design alone.

I am the game designer, Taura Takahisa; I’ve been involved on multiple fronts for this title. I’ve had the opportunity to work on many various things besides the production end, things like taking the screen cap to use on this page, recording bits of in-game footage to be used in trailers, and giving live demonstrations of the game at whatever event…… So, I guess the job of a game designer doesn’t stop at design alone. It’s really tough. Even as I write this, Director Yoko is trying to explode my brain with his problems. It’s really tough……

—Taura Takahisa

As stated at this year’s TGS, a demo version of the game will be available at the end of the year!


2B’s Basic Characteristics

Battle is performed in a seamless, open world. In battle the Square button is for “speed attacks”, the Triangle button for “heavy attacks”, and any additional attacks can be chained together depending on which button is pressed to create a simple yet refreshing battle system.

Speed & Heavy Attacks

For these types of attacks, you are able to equip whatever set of weapons you like, from single-handed and double-handed swords to gauntlets and twin blades. You can equip two sets of two weapons, and you can switch between these two sets with the touch of a single button. For example, if you have a single-handed and double-handed swords equipped in Set 1, you can easily switch to Set 2 with a gauntlet and single-handed sword to continue your attack.

Simple controls allow you to perform a multitude of attacks!

There are no complex strings of combo attacks; instead, your attack will continue as it registers additional button inputs.

Single-handed Blade
This type of weapon is easy to use and has a nice balance of attack power, speed, and range. There are plenty of different skills that have easily connecting combos regardless of the situation in battle.

Double-handed Blade
This type of weapon is both large and heavy, requiring the use of both hands. The pride of this weapon lies with its exceptional power and reach, but since its attacks are relatively slow, it gives the enemy a slight window of attack.

* By charging your weapon, the range of your attack will increase.

Although the attack range is relatively short, the advantage of this weapon is its speed and how many successful fits you can achieve in a short amount of time. It is the singular weapon of choice in one-on-one combat with its strength in speed and ease of landing special attacks.

* Pre-orders for the special edition “Black Box” release of NieR:Automata is currently available through the Square Enix e-STORE! This comes with the game, a 2B figure, the audio soundtrack from the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live from last April, an artbook, and novelized version of the original NieR. The sale price is set at 25,800yen.

By pressing R2, you are able to dodge enemy attacks at any time. Dashes can also be performed by adding in the Left analog stick with R2. Being able to dodge in a sort of arc motion is unique to Automata that you can see in various trailer footage. If you manage to successfully dodge as an enemy is about to attack (this is referred to as a perfect dodge*), your player character will seem to glow golden and be temporarily invincible. This will allow you the perfect window for attack.

* Successful Perfect Dodge!

* Utilize the advantage of a Perfect Dodge to launch into a devastating attack!

If you ever feel like you can’t defeat a boss, switch over to the Auto Mode!

For anyone who finds action games to be too difficult for them, we’ve included an Auto Mode function to help you. When you activate Auto Mode, your player character will automatically attack and dodge. All you have to do is direct your character into battle and you will have no problem winning! As you may have seen from the demonstration at TGS, Auto Mode is only accessible from Easy Mode and only takes control of close and long-distance attacks. There is also talk of adding in an Evasion Only Auto Mode that would only cover your defenses while you command all attacks.*

* Whether or not this particular mode will make it into the final version of the game is not currently known.

* You can turn off Auto Mode at any time to return to Manual play.

* A Blu-ray of the “NieR Music Concert & Talk Live” event that was held this past April will be released on Wednesday, December 14 for 4,800yen.


Upgradeable Pod
Part of the standard equipment of the YoRHa Squadron are the support “Pod” units that come with various built-in equipment for long-range attacks. They can also be used to increase your mobility.Press R1 to activate the Pod support system and attack enemies at a distance. Although Pod is generally manually controlled, but you are able to turn on the Target Lock with L2 to help aim, but in this case, some of bullets will scatter uncontrollably. By gathering materials and providing a little cash, Pod can be upgraded at special maintenance shops in each location. Other than upgrading basic functions such as attack power, it is also possible to obtain different, unique attacks as well.

Grab onto Pod to help you move around the screen.

Pod on the Offense
Machine gun fire!
Laser attacks!
More special attacks (besides laser attacks)!

Production Notes

Those days of fixing bugs……

Before I realized it, I somehow became the main programmer for NieR:Automata. Hello, I’m Oonishi Ryo. I have a feeling some people are wondering, “What exactly does a main programmer do?” Mostly what this entails is managing the development schedule and assign tasks for the entire programming staff. Of course, as a programmer, I also work on some programming as well! I’ll work out some bugs in the others’ programming, fix any bugs in the scripts from the game designers, and to help save time, I’ll also work on bugs in other staff’s programs and fix any additional bugs that I might inadvertently create myself. ……It seems like all I do is fix bugs, huh? Just writing this makes me want to cry…… So, since this teary-eyed bug corrector continues to work hard every day, I hope you will look forward to NieR:Automata!

ーOonishi Ryo, Main Programmer

Production Notes

Adding in new specifications by Director Yoko

Hi, I’m the lead animator, Muranaka. I manage animation quality and produce animations for the player characters.

Even though we’re approaching the end stage of development and we’re still adding in additional data even though the planning deadline has already passed, it’s during this time that Director Yoko asks us to put in additional specifications. I’ll take these instructions from him and discuss them further with both the game designers and programmers, but right when we start talking, the scrawny designers accustomed to refusal start to feel sick to their stomachs… But we get closer and closer to completion every time!

First of all, we’re working on the development of the demo version of the game to be released at the end of the year, so for those of you who are looking forward to that, please hang in there! For those of you who don’t really know what this game is all about, the demo is free, so this is the perfect chance for you to try it out!

The demo version will be for a limited time only* (maybe)! Without forgetting the feeling of the controls or the action-packed battles, I hope that you’ll check out the demo!

* We will release more information regarding the release schedule of the demo version soon. (Square Enix PR Manager)

ーMuranaka Takayuki, Lead Animator

Lastly, NieR:Automata has consecutively broken into the upper half of Famitsu’s Top 30 list of the most anticipated up-coming games! This week NieR:Automata received 199 votes and ranks 13th! It’s highest position in the Top 30 was 12th!


The Recording Booth: 2B

This is my translation of the October 17 blog update on the official NieR:Automata site.
The majority of the photos and original content is from there. I have made some additions as well.

Once again I bring to you another report on the voice recording sessions for NieR:Automata. Hello, I’m the producer, Saito Yosuke.

Next we’d like to take a little peek into the recording studio to see Ishikawa Yui, who plays 2B, the heroine and main character in NieR:Automata. This is a slightly different recording studio than what we previously showed in the post with Hanae Natsuki (9S), but it’s still part of the main studio.


First of all, Ishikawa hardly had time to catch her breath once she reached the office when director Yoko Taro approached her for a brief meeting. What the heck is he doing in this photo? Maybe he’s covering his eyes like 2B because they’re talking about some secret!? …hmm, that can’t be it.


…is that A2 at the bottom of the script?

So, anyway, they finished their meeting. Ishikawa had already read through the script before coming into the office and could quickly go into recording! She’s got a ton of lines to record, so that really helped us out.


As you can see in the photo above, there’s a small screen in the recording booth she can use to give the proper timing to her lines. There’s a lot of action scenes that make it difficult to get the timing right, but Ishikawa is such a pro, she was able to get through it all at warp speed. Oh, you can sort of see 2B’s face there, too…


Here she was beginning to read a rather intense scene. I can’t believe that 2B gets %&*#!&… Aaaaaaaaaahhh… You really get the sense that the doors into the “World of Yoko Taro” have been opened wide. But don’t let that fool you—we’re going to have a happy ending! Honestly, there’s nothing to worry about!

Well, that’s all for the recordings today (it actually took a long time).


In this last photo, you can see Ishikawa Yui signing a bunch of the scripts. We asked all the cast members to do this so at some point we can offer them as presents to our fans!

Thanks so much for reading!


Is 2B…smiling…or…?

2B and A2 on the front cover of the scripts.

2B and A2 on the front cover of the scripts.

The original Japanese article was written by NieR:Automata producer Saito Yosuke.

Emil’s Well on the Mend!

Thanks to yoshi-san’s hard work, Emil is well on the mend! You can still see where the poor mask broke and split apart… but I have all confidence that he will be right as rain!


Exclusive Interview: J’Nique Nicole

Shortly after SQEX updated the official NieR:Automata site with the English version of the new theme song, I was intrigued to find out as much as I could about the vocalist.

The quality of her voice reminded me a lot of the Japanese singer AI. I looked into it some more and came to the conclusion that this wasn’t AI, but probably an entirely different vocalist than we’ve heard before.

A week later, I was able to attend the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live concert and we learned the name of the new vocalist: J’Nique Nicole.


Ever since then, I had been working on this interview and, being delayed by many personal ups and downs in my life, I feel badly that it’s taken me this long to put the final touches on this to share. So, for everyone involved, I’m very sorry for working so slowly.

Then, without further adieu, please enjoy the interview:

Continue reading

Thou Shalt Not Die – 3rd Signing Event

October 25 marks the Big GanGan 5th Anniversary, kicking off events all across Japan including the Kochi Manga Festival (mansai).

Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare writer Yoko Taro and illustrator Moriyama Daisuke will take part in their 3rd signing event for the series since 2015.


Additionally, The Wedding Ring Story / Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari mangaka Maybe will also take part in this signing event.

Between October 15-28, you can receive an admission ticket to the signing event when you purchase one of the participating manga fair books at the main Kinkohdo store or the Tosayamada-cho branch Kindohdo store. Tickets will be available until October 30th at 11am when you buy a book at the Manga Festival booth. There are other Kinkohdo stores participating in this anniversary fair; please call the stores directly to make a reservation.

You can get a ticket to the signing event by purchasing any of the following books from the aforementioned stores:

Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare, Vol. 1-3
The Wedding Ring Story / Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari, Vol. 1-4*

* Vol. 4 will be released on October 25th.


Sunday, October 30
Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare: 11:30am~1:00pm
The Wedding Ring Story / Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari: 1:00pm~2:30pm
Location: Kochi City Bunka Plaza “Karupo-to” (Culture Port Community Center), 7th Floor
Address: 高知県高知市九反田2-1 (Kochi City, 2-1 Kutanda)

More details on this event is available on the official Big GanGan event page.

SQEX Official Blog – The Recording Booth: 9S

This is my translation of an October 11 blog update on the official NieR:Automata site.
All photos and original content is from there.

Since I think there may be many people who don’t know who I am, allow me to introduce myself first. I am the producer for NieR:Automata, Saito Yosuke.

Today I’m going to share a little report about recording the character voices for NieR:Automata, the majority of which took place while the summer heat was still raging.


This is our studio in Tokyo! (We conducted most of our work here over the summer.)

We took a bunch of photos to give you an idea of the atmosphere at the studio, so let’s start here…


This is the desk where the sound director and other sound engineers do their work. A little further down, you can see a huge soundboard and other equipment used for recordings. Every time I look at it, I think, “Man, that’s got to be hard to use!” How do they know what to press!?


Preparing for recordings, we use a lot of post-its in the script. A ton of them, actually. We have to be really careful to record everything we need, otherwise if we forget something, it would be disaster. Further things are added to the recording, which is checked in real-time.


We use a screen in the studio to playback the scenes that we’re working on to see how realistic the timing and the overall feeling of the scene plays out. Since scenes are generally completed out of order, sometimes we can only display the bare-bones, motion capture footage. It can be pretty rough on the voice actors, but it has to get done!


When we have a lot of things to record, it can also be relatively cumbersome to display multiple videos. We also have to follow a strict rule for naming files so things don’t get disorganized. Lines that are ad-libbed, things like heavy breathing or panting, will be added in later, so it’s extremely important to keep all file names in order.

Today, Hanae Natsuki has come in to record some lines!

06 07

First things first, Hanae has a meeting with the director, Yoko Taro. I wonder if poor Hanae will collapse from screaming his guts out during his recording session!? Since he thoroughly reviewed his lines before coming in for the meeting with Yoko, it seemed like they were able to achieve a harmonious atmosphere and everything proceed according to schedule.


This is the recording booth. Usually voice actors will stand during a recording session since it helps them to speak, so perhaps this photo shows Hanae giving his script one last read-through? You can also see multiple scripts on the table, too. The spoken script for NieR:Automata was organized into 4 separate books. 9S, Hanae’s character, has a considerable amount of lines to record, so I think he’s got his work cut out for him!


Here’s a shot of Hanae and Yoko after wrapping recordings for the day! They both seem to be super pleased with themselves, so I suppose the recording went well? Thanks for your hard work, guys!

Next up, we’ll talk about Ishikawa Yui and her experience in the recording booth as she recorded her lines for 2B! Stay tuned!

The original Japanese article was written by NieR:Automata producer Saito Yosuke.