Emi Evans Sings for Shometsu Toshi 2-hour Special

Emi Evans performed a portion of the song “世界の終わりと最後の言葉 (End of the World and Last Words)” from the 消滅都市/Shometsu Toshi (Everything in its right place) soundtrack at the beginning of a special 2-hour NicoNico Live broadcast on May 26, 2016. She performed along with composer/keyboardist from Noisycroak, Kato Hiroyoshi.


Shometsu Toshi is a dramatic, action RPG created by Wright Flyer available for iPhone and Android.

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NicoNico Live Broadcast

【消滅都市】Everything in its right place
Official Site

Official Site

Emi Evans
Official Site

MANGA: Thou Shalt Not Die, Chapter 13


Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare, Chapter 13

It’s been a long time since I’ve had any time–or energy–to work on new chapters, so I’m very sorry for the delay. (Click the image to read the chapter.)

There are still 3 more chapters left to do… and Chapter 17 will be out this month… orz

Famitsu April 25 Interview


◼︎ Let’s take another look at NieR Replicant since it’s been released on Playstation Now.

Saito: Sorry for the sudden inconvenience, but Yoko is running a little late…


Saito: But, we can start without him. (haha) You can add in his comments after the fact wherever you like. (haha) Or maybe just put them in bold.

Alright. (haha) So…… Now that the previous game is available through Playstation Now, may I ask your thoughts on it as you look back at it once more?

Saito: I’ve heard here and there that there are some people who’ve heard the soundtrack from the first game but never actually played it, so with NieR:Automata in the works, this is a great opportunity for them to try it out. It’s absolutely not necessary to play Replicant in order to play Automata—we’ve made sure of that—but still we’d love for more people to give it a try. It will only be available for a limited rental period at a reduced price, though. Even still, we’d love to get more people to experience it. I think there may have been many people who stopped playing after the A Ending, but if you hang in a little longer, the story gets much fuller from the B Ending on, so I really hope you try it out!

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NieR Merchandise Now Available Through the SQEX e-STORE



Items are now available for purchase on the SQEX e-STORE here. Everything seems to still be in stock, but the scripts appear to be on back order.*

*All items besides the Emil pin and sticker set are currently on back order.

Also, please note that these items are only sold within Japan. SQEX is not accepting any international orders at this time.

New Updates to the Official Website and New URL

The official NieR:Automata website has been updated and it looks beautiful and is easy to navigate. It currently only has a page for World, Character, Movie available at the moment, but it will eventually have other pages for News, System, and Battle. They’ve also added a couple extra photos from the image board. You can still hear J’Nique Nicole’s theme here as well.

Also, please note the new URL: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/nierautomata/

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After Concert Interview


This is an interview conducted after the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live by multiple outlets, each one coming from the same material, but releasing slightly different versions. The following is a translation of the review by Game Watch.

  • It’s also interesting to note that, although there may only be one interview, multiple venues covering it may release differing results, quotes included.

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Updates from the Concert

Yesterday was the fantastic NieR Music Concert & Talk Live event in Roppongi. It was a perfect mix of music, interesting stories, and many new revelations about NieR:Automata.

My thoughts are rather scattered at the moment, but here’s a quick look at the show! I’ve just added a ton of the photos that I took, too! 😀

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NieR Voice Actress Performs in a Stage Drama

Kadowaki Mai, the voice of NieR’s Emil, just wrapped up a week-long stage performance in the dramatic comedy “Sekai no Hate wa, Pants no Hate da” (The end of the world is the end of panties) by Moratorium Pants (モラパン). It was a really funny play that took a look at the lives of many different people who are all connected by a single city. The story takes place during the early morning hours until daybreak.

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NieR: Automata – New Information and First Reveal of Live Gameplay

As we approach the 6th anniversary of the original NieR, at long last, the “NieR Music Concert & Talk Live” will be held this weekend on Saturday, April 16. Although music from the first NieR will be the main focus of the concert, we will get the first chance to hear the new theme song as well as additional information about the game and its story. New information will be discussed during the “Talk Corner”.

Information regarding the new information with Producer Yosuke Saito, Director Yoko Taro, Composer Okabe Keiichi, Character Designer Yoshida Akihiko, Game Designer Taura Takahisa will be reported on Famitsu.com at a later date. This is the portion of the interview that relates strictly to the concert.

Please look forward to the May 5th, 2016 issue of Famitsu, on sale April 21, for an 8-page spread on NieR: Automata detailing the additional information not included here.

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NieR:Automata Theme Song Vocalist Revealed


There will be a new interview in the May 5, 2016 issue of Famitsu magazine (on sale April 21) detailing a ton more info regarding the up-coming music concert. A portion of this article has been published on their site online, which I will be translating soon.

They released the name of the non-Japanese vocalist in the new theme song as J’Nique Nicole or Nikki.

NieR Merchandise on the e-STORE not available internationally

I sent an inquiry a couple days ago to the SQEX e-STORE regarding international sales of NieR merchandise when it becomes available online, and I just heard back from them. This was their reply:


Essentially, whatever items that become available in the e-STORE (from noon on April 22) are only valid to those within Japan. SQEX will *not* be conducting any international sales nor shipping internationally. T_T

I’m going to continue to cross my fingers for all the international fans that should these initial goods sell extremely well, SQEX will see how many people love this series that eventually anyone outside of Japan will get the chance to own some of these items!!

Nakagawa Nami’s Birthday Live and More!

Nakagawa Nami, the incredibly talented vocalist and sometimes voice actor who sang for the NieR and Drakengard 3 soundtracks, will be celebrating her birthday on Monday, April 4th. For this special occasion, she put a really great concert together with other members from mo2. Also read more on Nami’s possible involvement with NieR: Automata below!*

*Confirmed: Nakagawa Nami will be singing for the Automata soundtrack. She sang the theme from the PGW trailer live at the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live.

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