Notes while reading the first Gulkeeva novel.

There are a bunch of things that get further explanation in the novels than in the anime version of the story.  I will continue to post my notes on things that are different, things that are a bit more poignant to point out, and whatever else. :)

Just a quick note about the Darknoid rank system before we get going here. I've seen many people confused about this, thinking about the title is actually part of the character's name, etc. So here's what I've gathered:

Ruler - This rank is shown by the Darknoid's six-horn headgear.
Prince Zaza, the ruler of the Darknoids in Northfeltia, wears a six-horned headpiece.

Dora - This rank is shown by the Darknoid's four-horn headgear.
This is the highest rank one can attain, if you aren't Prince Zaza himself. The only one at the beginning of the anime series who has this rank is Yoma (Dora Yoma). Later on, Gil works his way up from Dar to Dora in a very cunning yet cowardly way. Lem is very pissy about Gil besting him in this regard (because Gil taking the place of Yoma upsets Lem's plans to awaken the Gulkeeva, whom he desires to battle). Many people despise Gil for various reasons...
[Spoiler]: Gil manages to kill Dora Yoma and weasel his way to steal his "Dora" rank. Later in the series, Yoma's soul is transmigrated into the body of a dead soldier, Guy. By transmigrating, this gives Yoma just enough time to exact revenge on Gil before the spell wears off. This is the real reason for the periodic moments of paralysis.

Dar - This rank is shown by the Darknoid's three-horn headgear.
The next rank below Dora is Dar. Characters of this rank include Lem (Dar Lem). I have seen in MANY places online where people call Yun with this honorific title, however, this is very wrong. She *never* obtains a rank higher than Lem and is always shown with her two-horned headpiece.

Yui - This rank is shown by the Darknoid's two-horn headgear.
The lowest rank in this system is Yui. Characters of this rank include Yun (Yui Yun).

Touya & Kira first meet by chance in a bookstore named "Emerald."  Upon crossing paths, they both feel as though they have been teleported somewhere for an instant and later neither one can fully forget the strange feeling.

Days of Eternalia

There were 4 holy Gulkeeva Knights that helped to save Eternalia: 

the Golden Knight of the Earth, Radius [Beast: Greyfus, whip]

the Silver Knight of Heaven, Ryuto [Beast: Tedium, bo]

the Crimson Knight of Fire, Kryzel [Beast: Gariel, boomerang]

the Azure Knight of Water, Aileshio [Beast: Beakwood, arrow gun]

* Each knight has a corresponding Animanoid warrior to fight in tandem with.

The spirits of Kryzel & Aileshio were destroyed before they were able to be fully reincarnated.

Kira's parents died in the onslaught by the Darknoids.  Naoki & Mayu's parents both died during the attacks but are not shown in the story; it's only talked about.  Konoha's mother died when when she was little, and her father was not in town when the Darknoid's attacked.  He lives at Kintouji, the "Gold Peach Temple".

During an earlier attack by the Darknoids, Konoha injures her pinky finger, which Touya wraps with a fragment from his red bandana before he joins the other Animanoids to fight.  This bandage and even the wound itself acts as a reminder or a sort of connection Konoha has with Touya.  When the wound starts to heal and disappear, she feels as though it's also a sign of Touya's existence fading away.  Fearing for his life, she bites open the wound again and causes it to bleed.

Touya's sword is called "Daichi" or "Great Earth".

When Touya learned about Radius, he was afraid that 'Touya' would die in order for Radius to be reborn.  But through his first fight while calling on Radius and/or Radius' power, he hears no response.  It is as though there IS no one on the other end.  At the end of the fight, Touya is filled with pride that he "won" over Radius.

Yun is pregnant with Lem's child.