YouTube: Square Crash Game Cast

Quite a while ago, I received a message from one of the guys on this podcast and I meant to return their shout-out! Thanks so much! I’m glad somebody could find something interesting to read here. xD

Anyway, this is a really cute video of them reacting to Yoko Taro & Yosuke Saito reacting to the guys at Hooked from the initial E3 2015 presentation:

February 9, 2016

They also made a video shortly after Paris Games Week after some new info was released about the game here:

November 4, 2015 after PGW

And here’s one of their latest videos, recapping a couple things that went down at Gamescom 2016:

August 26, 2016

If you like these videos, you can find their channel here on YouTube. 🙂

Gamescom 2016 Interview by Hooked

Thanks to Christian on Twitter, I’ve learned that Hooked has made yet another NieR:Automata interview, this time from the recent Gamescom 2016 in Germany! Check it out below!

And here are a few things that they discussed:

  • The game was never delayed. The staff had always imagined a 2017 release, but the media was always asking or expecting Automata to be released in 2016, so that is reason for this disconnect. An actual delay is when you have an exact release date which is changed to a later date.

  • Yoko Taro has always wanted to make a stand-alone shooting game, but Square Enix always denied his requests. This is why he likes to put in as much shooting scenes as he possibly can. He likes to throw in a bunch of different game genres into one. That being said, Automata will have much more shooting aspects than the previous title, so have fun imagining what might be in store!

  • The team wants to put on a similar concert, like what was held in Japan this past spring, internationally, but nothing can be decided yet until they have a sense of how many people are likely to attend such an event. Once they see how well NieR:Automata performs, then they will be able to decide on future events; this includes other spin-off titles like an anime series or another stage play.

  • There will be multiple versions of particular songs that are sung by different individuals. The boys choir that was used in the previous NieR cannot be used again because all of the boys are older now and cannot produce the same tone; therefore, other younger voices will be occasionally used. Okabe Keiichi also sporadically provides the vocals.

NieR:Automata Wins Yet More Awards at Gamescom 2016!

The events for NieR:Automata at Gamescom 2016 have now concluded, and the title has won two additional awards it can add to its winnings from the GameSpot Best of E3 2016 Awards!

According to a tweet by producer Saito Yosuke, NieR:Automata won Best RPG and Best PS4 Game!! Congratulations!!

The DualShockers site has has now updated their page to include the winners in their series of awards. You can see the full lineup here.

As far as the official Gamescom 2016 Awards goes, NieR:Automata was not awarded a prize.

Famitsu Interview – August 18, 2016


Like the theme song, there will be multiple versions of songs

—You received a warm welcome at last year’s Paris Games Week, but how do you think that compares with the “NieR Fever” in Germany? Although this hasn’t been discussed by the press yet.

Saito: The members of the media have brought up the music and expressed their fervent desire to have a concert hosted in Germany. The whole world is enamoured with Okabe-san.

Okabe: No, no, no! I thought the people in Germany were just being nice, but I’m still very grateful. Although putting on a concert overseas is just a dream. (haha)

Saito: Our staff has expressed their enthusiasm to do another concert, but I’m afraid they’d be more wishy-washy if we actually did it. (haha) Putting on a concert in our home country was hard enough. (haha)

Okabe: Yes, it was pretty rough. (haha) Not only was it rough for me, but it must have been really hard on the concert staff who gave it a real concert feeling that spring. So, compounding everything for an international concert…… I’ll keep on dreaming. (haha)

Saito: Well, if NieR:Automata sells well, we could make it a possibility.

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NieR:Automata Trial Version


According to the Famitsu interview with producer Saito Yosuke, we have learned that there will likely be a trial version of the game that has roughly 30-40 minutes worth of gameplay.

Other news updates such as this as well as new trailer will be shown and discussed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show later in September. Stay tuned for more information!

Source: Famitsu, 2016-08-18 16:00:00

NieR:Automata Coming to Steam in 2017

Some new information about NieR:Automata’s release has just come out of Gamescom in Cologne, Germany today.

According to Nova Crystallis, the game will be released on both the PS4 as well as on Steam:

“In a surprise announcement, NieR Automata is coming to Steam in addition to PlayStation 4 in early 2017. News comes from a video message from director Yoko Taro during a special IGN live stream.”


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How Humanity Survives: A New “Original Gestalt”

One of the main hang-ups connecting the ending of NieR with NieR:Automata, its distant sequel, has been the fact that… Well, humanity should be extinct. Completely and utterly gone. Dead.

Whether he realized it or not, by offing the Shadowlord, Nier essentially doomed all of humanity. Or did he…?

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Thou Shalt Not Die, Vol.3 Bonus Items


July 25th was the release of the 3rd tankoubon version of “Thou Shalt Not Die // Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare,” which covers up to chapter 19 of the story. In celebration of the release, there’s another bonus item “fair” in progress. By purchasing the book from various locations, you may receive an extra bonus item!

Here’s a quick look at the bonus items available:

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Signing Event with Yoko Taro and Moriyama Daisuke, Nagoya

The 2nd Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare signing event with Yoko Taro and Moriyama Daisuke has now concluded. This time they were visiting the Tora no Ana store in Nagoya for fans who live near and around the Tokai region of Japan.

They also used a never-before-seen KimiShini poster to decorate the area around the signing table. It looks pretty cool!!

Here are a couple photos from Yoko Taro, Yokoo Yukiko, and Moriyama Daisuke‘s twitter accounts:

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