Yoko Taro says there may be an international NieR:Automata fan event in the works!

Could there be an international fan event in the works? Make sure you contact your local Square Enix and let them know that you want them to do it!!

Yoko Taro’s Manga “Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shini Tamou Koto Nakare” Could Still be in the NieR Universe

In today’s issue of Famitsu magazine, we were treated to a 14-page feature on NieR:Automata detailing more on its development, discussions by the creative and development team, plus we were given one more tease that there is still some “secret” left undiscovered within the game. As the teasers about this have stated, you are apparently able to zoom out the camera by pressing R3+using the directional buttons in order to “bug out” the camera… if you do that, you’re apparently able to see something that would be “very bad” and yet the dev team didn’t bother to remove or fix it because it felt very “NieR-esque”. xD

Now back to the topic at hand. In this issue of Famitsu, we are given a development timeline that details all the important points in Automata’s development. This includes things such as the YoRHa Ver.1.0 stage play in October 2014, the demo release in December 2016, and the NieR:Automata collaboration with Valkyrie Anatomia -The Origin-. All of the points listed in this timeline have *something* to do directly with Automata. That is why this is very curious:

The KimiShini – Zero stage play performed 9 shows up until Christmas day in 2016. The story was a prequel to the manga series. I wrote a long review and speculation piece regarding the manga and how it could relate to NieR here, but for the purposes of this post, I will take those ideas and outline them below. There may be some copy and pasting going on from the original post that I linked above.

  • The world has been thrown into chaos, but we don’t know exactly what is going on beyond the fact that fossil fuels are in serious demand, which has then triggered international conflicts and war.
  • Japan is unable to actively get involved in any international war because of its “self-defense only” constitution, but it also tries to bypass these restrictions by touting the NPO guise (more on this below).
  • Japan is desperate to protect itself from the rest of the world, so a drug is developed to give people “special abilities”, but the adults that took it lived no longer than 30 minutes after taking the drug before their brain literally explodes; however, if young people take the drug, their bodies are able to withstand the side affects and obtain seemingly random special abilities. Note: This sounds very much like the drug Luciferase in NieR.
  • This is why young adults are sought after to become test subjects. But the problem was finding suitable candidates for the project whilst putting on the guise that nothing illegal or unconstitutional is going on. This is why they use the guise of NPO work in foreign countries to get more recruits into the program. Likewise, any test runs of the kids’ abilities had to be carefully choreographed as to not be overly suspicious. Many “coverups” also resulted, such as with the opening conflict in Brazil when nearly the entire squad is killed–the whole thing was said to be the result of an unfortunate plane crash.
  • A school is set up to train these young people to learn how to use their special abilities. They are divided into three types: Short-range, Long-range, and Analysis… Pretty much the same as the three initial types of YoRHa androids: Attacker, Gunner, and Scanner. This is why I used the YoRHa type names in my translation of the manga.
  • The Enemy: It’s never said in the manga thus far, but they could be the Legion. They appear to be human but they have become infected with the White Chlorination Syndrome (WCS) and have entered into a pact with the god in order to remain “alive”. Or they could be a man-made enemy created through experimenting with drugs like  Luciferase.
  • Another important thing to mention is the true reason the kids were coerced into participating in the experiment in various ways (KimiShini -ZERO- stage play). In the end the mad-scientist Suou stated that it was to gather data on the kids’ performance in battle. It matters little if they survive; actually, they get better data if they die… This is exactly like the early YoRHa experiments, ie. the Pearl Harbor Descent Mission. The YoRHa are essentially pawns created to be destroyed in order to obtain valuable data for new androids.
  • The main heroine of the story, Mashiro, seems to be involved in a secret study called Project White. Mashiro is one of the “special abilities” students who was given superhuman strength. She’s able to easily crush or break through objects, receive multiple bullet wounds and still survive… and she also has “red eye” moments where blood pours from her eyes and she goes on a mindless rampage against anything or anyone in her way–friend or foe.

◼ Further Speculation

  • I believe Mashiro and everyone are part of the “5th Crusade” that is talked about in the DOD/NieR timeline. They were deployed to Brazil and were nearly completely decimated in the battle with the Legion. We know that Mashiro’s unit was deployed somewhere in South America, but it’s never stated exactly who their adversaries are in the manga.
  • There may be a direct connection to some of these kids and the 13 Grimoire tomes. I originally speculated that Kuroi and Mashiro might be related to Grimoire Noir and Grimoire Weiss, respectively, but after reading the short story “And Then There Were None”, I believe it’s safe to say that we have not met the BOY who became Weiss nor the GIRL who became Rubrum. Three other tomes that were referenced to in the novella were the Amber, Emerald, and Azure tomes.
  • The drugs the kids are taking are probably the Luciferase that’s talked about in the DOD/NieR timeline. It was made from particles of “Maso” that would slow the effects of the White Chlorination Syndrome and was very effective to give young children magic-like abilities. This was not a cure for the disease, however.

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◼ So, long story, short

I don’t see why the KimiShini play would be listed in the development timeline for NieR:Automata if it didn’t have some direct connection.

14-Page Special in Famitsu This Week!

Famitsu will be running a 14-page story on NieR:Automata this week (release on Thursday).

One of the headlines reads that there is a “secret” that no one has realized about NieR:Automata yet but apparently they don’t go into any great detail about this “secret” in the article…?

The article welcomes 10 members from the development team as they discuss the various points in the game’s production. As you can see in some of the preview pages, there is a timeline that begins in 2014– I assume this is the first run of the YoRHa stage play since that was in October 2014… but YoRHa activities actually began in 2013, so it will be interesting to read if they mention anything about that in the text.

Lastly, some spoilers will be discussed, so it’s recommended to be aware of that.

  • Matsudaira Hito – Character Modeler (Platinum Games)
  • Negishi Isao – Game Designer (Platinum Games)
  • Koda Kazuma – Illustrator (Platinum Games)
  • Taura Takahisa – Game Designer (Platinum Games)
  • Yoko Taro – Director/Creator (Bukkoro)
  • Saito Yosuke – Producer (Square Enix)
  • Yoshida Akihiko – Character Designer (CyDesignation)
  • Nagai Yuya – Character Designer (CyDesignation)
  • Okabe Keiichi – Composer (MONACA)
  • Hoashi Keigo – Composer (MONACA)

YoRHa Musical Ver.1.2 – Scene 15 Monologue with No2 and No4

This is just a quick message. Comparing the script from the new YoRHa Musical Ver.1.2 with the script for the YoRHa Ver.1.1 Stage Play, this scene has *not* been changed in the slightest. Merely, my English translation has changed a little bit since then.

This is my translation directly from the musical script that was sold at the show:

No2: Our memories… are pseudo memories.

No4: They’re false memories programmed in order to promote diversity and evolution on the battlefield.

No2: In my memories, I lived in the country with my grandma.

No4: In my memories, I hung out a lot with my friends at school.

No2: Everyday, grandma and I would tend to the farm and knit… …The cold of the rain, the ferocity of  storms. The silence of the snow. The gentle warmth of spring…

No4: After school, we’d go eat the most delicious things, have fun dressing up, playing games…

No2: Since we lived in the country, I couldn’t have everything I wanted. But because the other villagers looked out for me, including my grandma… stranely, it wasn’t so hard.

No4: As long as I had my friends, I could endure my studies. We’d laugh day after day; no matter what hardships came our way, we were able to overcome them.

No2: ……My grandma taught me “kindness,” a gentle heart to cares for others.

No4: ……My friends taught me “hope”, a strong heart to laugh even in the face of difficulty.

No4: Holding tightly onto these false memories, we fight.

No2: But they are also our precious memories.

No2 & No4: The time… draws near…

No2 & No4: Our final moments… are about to begin…

NieR:Automata 1st Anniversary Official Livestream on NicoNico!

The NieR:Automata 1st Anniversary Official Livestream on NicoNico has just completed its first 4-hour segment! They are currently on a 5 minute break, so I have just that much time to update things here!

Related: Check here for the tentative time schedule and cast members who will make appearances.


New Announcements!

▲ Adam & Eve LINE stamps! If these sell well… they may make more…!

▲ Merchandise sold at the YoRHa Boys Stage Play and YoRHa Musical will soon be available for purchase online from DearStage! Check out the link here!

▲ Both the YoRHa Boys Stage Play and the YoRHa Musical will be released on blu-ray. NOTE: This is *not* the direct footage from the NicoNico Live Broadcast.

▲ Follow the official YoRHa Stage Twitter account to stay up-to-date with new announcements!


Segment 1 – 7:00pm-11:00pm
Creators & Development Team

  • Ishikawa Yui’s playing the game
  • There will be no patch, they can’t fix anything. Taura just said, “It would be difficult…”   Yoko: “Okay, then there shall be no additional patch for the rest of eternity.”
  • Matsushita made the models for Engels and the flight units
  • Taura: Black Box 乾杯・完敗
    Taura: Black Box kanpai
    乾杯 = kanpai a toast, cheers
    完敗 = kanpaicomplete defeat
  • Ending U
  • Anemone’s met 2B many times prior to the start of the game, following the end of the YoRHa Musical
  • Yamazaki-san did the voice for the male trader in the Desert Camp. He also was the motion actor for Adam/Eve
  • Ishikawa’s time is almost up on the show
  • THIS CANNOT CONTINUE – Ishikawa-san’s at the birth of Adam & Eve
    • Watch Count: 401,251
    • Comments: 27,978
  • Yoko said that he wasn’t sure if SQEX would okay the amusement park because it resembles Tokyo Disneyland in Maihama a lot…. It really doesn’t resemble it exactly lol but apparently, “the road leading up to it” does
  • Saito went to a convenience store to pick up drinks and snacks lol
  • Taura died during the battle with Beauvoir. He said it was because he needs to go to the toilet.
    • Watch Count: 549,170
    • Comments: 41,071
  • Taura killed the poor machine that leads the way to Pascal’s village… He said, “It’s a trap.” and another machine appears quickly thereafter to lead the way lol
    • Watch Count: 589,640
    • Comments: 43,017
  • Apparently there are a ton of leftover coasters from the SQEX Cafe events in Akiba & Osaka… Takano doesn’t know what to do with them all. Saito suggested that he pass them out in front of the East Shinjuku Station like tissues lol
  • Ending H
    • Watch Count: 639,154
    • Comments: 46,643.
  • Saito wants us to comment more and make it up to 50,000 comments. So he suggested a way to get people to comment more is to offer signed goods… or have one person over to Yoko’s place for dinner. Yoko said that his house is like 40-some years old and the dining area is just enough for 2 people, so he supposes one person could come over. If two extra people come, it’ll be packed. lol They are totally joking.
    • Watch Count: 719,187
    • Comments: 50,706

Segment 2 – 11:00pm-3:00am
Team YoRHa Musical

  • 11:56pm – Hanae Natsuki joined the broadcast! He’s going to try to retrieve the Cypres Stick. → He got it the hard way!!
  • 12:00am – The YoRHa Musical girls left on a break, leaving Hanae playing the game along with Saito… and Yoko joined the conversation.
  • Ending K
    • Watch Count: 1,191,293
    • Comments: 84,960
  • Taura Takahisa re-joined the team during the Sunken City boss battle.
  • 12:47am – Hanae couldn’t stay for very long because he had to go to his cousin’s wedding in the morning…! So, he left and the YoRHa Musical girls came back on…

Segment 3 – 3:00am-7:00am
Team YoRHa Boys


Segment 4 – 7:00am-11:00am
Team Let’s Players

  • Matsushima Hatsune (talent)
  • Sugihara Takahiro (Famitsu)
  • Matsushita Yoshihide (Platinum Games)
  • Matsudaira Hito (Platinum Games)
  • 10:00am – We’re in the segment with 4 talent members (yoshi is back) and Yoko just popped in to make occasional comments! He’ll be on for an hour. They did a bit with the Lunar Tears in Emil’s sub-quest and are currently in the Sunken City in Route B.
  • They mentioned how stupid Eve sounds but during the recording, and Yoko said that he actually sounded even more stupid. The voice actor had to tone it down a little bit.
  • They mentioned that 2B seemed bored during Emil’s talk in his Lunar Tear camp.
  • Sugihara Takahiro (Famitsu) said that there will be a 14-page special on NieR:Automata this week!
  • Endings: AHKTU
  • Watch Count: 2,353,511
  • Comments: 155,204

Segment 5 – 11:00am-3:00pm
Development Team

  • Saito Yosuke (Producer)
  • Ushizawa (Game Let’s Player)
  • 12:30pm – We’re reaching the end of Route B… The ending movie is playing now.
    • Watch Count: 2,823,315
    • Comments: 176,144

Segment 6 – 3:00pm-7:00pm
Creators & Development Team

  • Tadatsugu (Dengeki)
  • Yasumoto Hiroki (Pod042 / Council of Humanity)
  • Takahisa Taura (Platinum Games)
  • 3:50pm – Yasumoto Hiroki is playing on Hard mode.
  • Tadatsugu just mentioned that the machine voice that talks when you enter the Soul Box etc. sounds like the introduction of the original YoRHa CD track “Normandy”
    • Watch Count: 3,312,795
    • Comments: 216,609
  • It was suggested that the next boys stage play should be “中年ヨルハ” aka “middle-aged YoRHa”. lol
  • 5:15pm – Kadowaki Mai, the voice of Emil, just showed up. xD She was getting emotional after talking about being part of NieR…and it reminded her of working on Replicant. She’s very sweet!
    • Watch Count: 3,347,688
    • Comments: 227,768
  • 6:10pm – They’re doing more sub-quests in A2’s segment of the game. A2 just got the call from Pascal to hurry to the village… the villagers are… ahhhhh!!
  • 6:50pm – DOD1 will be streamed live next week Sunday since it’s being used in a collaboration with another smartphone game. xD
    • Watch Count: 3,371,957
    • Comments: 247,082

Segment 7 – 7:00pm-10:46pm
Creators & Development Team

  • Saito Yosuke (Producer)
  • Yoko Taro (Director)
  • Okabe Keiichi (Composer)
  • Taura Takahisa (Platinum Games)
  • Okabe first started playing the game then Taura took over.
  • 8:26pm – It’s likely they’re going to clear through Ending E with Yoko playing the end credits segment.
    • Watch Count: 2,297,902
    • Comments: 270,951
  • 8:52pm – Yoko’s playing the game himself off screen!! Because Taura needed to use the bathroom…hahaha
    • Watch Count: 3,403,033
    • Comments: 277,274


NieR:Automata 1st Anniversary Live Broadcast

More details regarding the continuous, two-day celebration for the NieR:Automata 1st anniversary have been released. The broadcast will be broadcast from 7:00pm on Sunday, March 3 until sometime after 7:00pm on Sunday, March 4.

They said they intend to livestream the game through the very end… but which ending could they be referring to, I wonder?

Watch the show live on NicoNico here!

Check below for the tentative list of those who are scheduled to appear!

Saturday, March 3

  • Saito Yosuke (Producer)
  • Yoko Taro (Director)
  • Taura Takahisa (Game Designer: Platinum Games)
  • Matsushita Yoshikaze (Yoshi) (Character Modeler: Platinum Games)


  • Ishikawa Yui (NieR:Automata: 2B; YoRHa Musical: No2)


YoRHa Musical

  • Mochida Chihira (No16)
  • Hanana Mio (No21)
  • Maikawa Miyako (Commander)
  • Tachibana An (Anemone)

Sunday, March 4

YoRHa Boys Stage Play

  • Saito Naoki (No9)
  • Murata Hisashi (No21)
  • Eda Shinichiro (No2)
  • Doi Yuuto (No6)


  • Matsushima Hatsune (Talent)
    …among others


  • Saito Yosuke (Producer)
  • Ushizawa (Game Let’s Player)


  • Takahisa Taura (Game Designer: Platinum Games)
  • Matsudaira Hito (Character Modeler: Platinum Games)
  • Yasumoto Hiroki (Pod042)


  • Saito Yosuke (Producer)
  • Yoko Taro (Director)
  • Okabe Keiichi (Composer)
  • Taura Takahisa (Game Designer: Platinum Games)
    …among others

NieR:Automata Piano Collections Available for Pre-order!

The NieR:Automata Piano Collections is currently available for pre-order from the Square Enix e-STORE and will be released on April 25. For 3,024yen, the album will feature new piano arrangements by Okabe Keiichi. The album cover is yet another new illustration from Koda Kazuma who illustrated the previous soundtrack album covers including the NieR:Automata concert main visual.

Update: NieR:Automata 1st Anniversary News

There will be an all-night broadcast on NicoNico from Saturday, March 3rd to Sunday, March 4th to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of NieR:Automata.

We will learn further details on Monday, February 26. Stay tuned!

NieR:Automata Collaboration with Servant of Thrones

The newest collaboration featuring characters from NieR:Automata will be in the smartphone game Servant of Thrones.

For anyone familiar with Square Enix’s Lord of Vermillion arcade game series, this is their revisioning of the series for mobile devices.


Take a look at the clip below to see the characters in action!


Below is the full clip plus commentary regarding the collaboration announcement between Servant of Thrones and NieR:Automata, SINoALICE, and Drakengard 1.