NieR:Automata – Strategy Guide

The NieR:Automata Strategy Guide by Dengeki was just released on April 18, 2017. I posted a quick video the other day, flipping through the pages to YouTube, which I’ll post below:

There’s all sorts of fun, new stuff in this edition, including two new novellas (plus a reprint of “The Memory Cage”). I have yet to read the new novellas, but they are entitled:

  • Little Flowers by Yoko Taro – [ Reference ]
  • Sea of Tranquility by Eishima Jun – [ Reference ]

There are also a couple pages with hexadecimal code, which depicts some additional interesting goodies. I decoded it to the best of my ability, but there were still errors in the translation. So, I used whatever I could get from the code and made a search for the text that came out… and I found that there were some Japanese sites that posted the information. This is the site that I used to translate the following:


– P50 –

We were indeed connected.
That’s why I couldn’t go anywhere.
Corroding, I became pitch black. The deepest red.
Pouring forth, we spill out, connect, and break.

Humanity once called this rage. Humanity once called this condolence.
Humanity once called this love. Humanity once called this envy.

Humanity once… called this… ________

We became you.
My brother was smart. He taught me how to read books.
Nii-chan… Nii-chan… Nii-chan… I… I’m right here.

Eroding, I was submerged in the light.
Pouring forth, we spill out, connect, and awaken.

We became you.
My 2B was there.
2B… 2B… 2B… I’m right here.

The Red Memory is overwritten.
Nii-chan… 2B… Nii… 2B… 2niBi… cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha

Pod042 to Pod153:
Report: 100% reconstruction of 9S’s personal data has been confirmed. Data upload to the Bunker complete. The current Bio-machine body will be discarded in 60 seconds.
Proposal: In 85 seconds, destroy this Bio-machine body as well as all similar parts in the vicinity with a laser.

Pod153 to Pod042:

< The Ark >


– P187-188 –

Pod042 to Pod153:
Inquiry: Explain your current action.

Pod153 to Pod042:
Reply: I am fishing.
Proposal: Refrain from verbal conversation.
Reason: Fish will swim away.

Pod042 to Pod153:
Negative: Visual confirmation of you currently fishing is not the issue.
Inquiry: State the purpose of discarding fish after fish on the ground.
Conjecture: It is a waste of energy and resources.

Pod153 to Pod042:
Report: Fishing will continue until the objective that I have just set has been achieved. Therefore, this action is not useless.
Hope: The mutual understanding of these feelings.

Pod042 to Pod153:
Proposal: Considering the disclosure of the objective. Depending on this, mutual understanding of these feelings may be possible.

Pod153 to Pod042:
Report: The extermination of all “aji” from the face of the Earth.
(aji = horse mackerel)

Pod042 to Pod153:
Inquiry: …………aji?

Pod153 to Pod042:
Affirmation: That is correct. If I continue to fish and fish and fish for Aji, at some point, the extermination of the aji species is not impossible.

Pod042 to Pod153:
Inquiry: …………Why aji?

Pod153 to Pod042:
When an android consumes this fish, it causes excessive toxicity damage and enduces death. When I performed the hypothetical simulation “9S consumed an aji”, I detected a malfunction in my internal algorithm. Therefore, I decided to continue fishing until the risk of 9S consuming an aji has been reduced to 0.00001%.

Pod042 to Pod153:
Conjecture: That… behavior is called “overprotection”.

Pod153 to Pod042:
I don’t care what you call it. I will exterminate all aji. The reconstruction of 9S…… as well as 2B and A2 is rapidly approaching. I want to accomplish this mission before that time comes. The extinction of aji. Additionally, I request your silence. I am not able to catch any fish at all.

Pod042 to Pod153:
Proposal: In that case, then I, too…… If I proceed to fish with you, I predict that your objective will be accomplished in half the time.

Pod153 to Pod042:
……Thank you.

Pod042 to Pod153:
Thanks are not necessary. At any rate…… the time will soon be upon us.

Pod153 to Pod042:
Yes, very soon…… We must practice.
“Good morning.” “Good morning.”

Pod042 to Pod153:
“Good morning.” “Good morning.”

< Fishing Weather >

Official Live Broadcast #6

The 6th official live broadcast will air a little bit later today. We’re not exactly sure what the topic of discussion will be, but the sub-title for this broadcast lists it as basically “Celebrating 1M Sales”.

  • Date: Monday, April 17
  • Time: 8:00 PM (Japan Standard Time)

Scheduled appearances by:

  • Yoko Taro (Director)
  • Saito Yosuke (Producer)
  • Taura Takahisa (Game Designer, Platinum Games)
  • Special Guest: ???

In the No.1480?issue of Famitsu Magazine released on April 13, Producer Saito Yosuke blatantly suggested that info on future DLCs may be dropping soon.

Check the links below to tune into the broadcast on YouTube or NicoNico Douga!!

Or watch on NicoNico!

Upcoming NieR Concerts

I’m sure I’ve talked about this in the past, but then again I’m not sure if I ever wrote a post about it here. I’m relatively active on various different places online that I tend to forget where I talked about stuff. orz I have a very bad short-term memory…

Anyway, here’s a brief look at the actual tickets for the upcoming NieR music concerts here in Japan.

First off is the Mond Tr?nen Philharmoniker aka?Tsuki Oke (short for Tsuki no Namida Orchestra) completely fan based orchestra. Participation for this concert was pretty open, but it was probably a good thing if participants were somewhat musically experienced. I found out about this through Twitter and signed up as soon as I could and they apparently accepted me!?I will be singing Soprano 2. I’m sure I’ll have lots more to talk about this once the event is over! Yesterday was our final rehearsal! The actual concert will be on Saturday, April 15!

Below are a couple *free* tickets I received to give to my friends…

The Angelic text reads: “inishie no kioku, tamashii no shirabe” (Memory of the Past, Trace of the Soul).

Secondly, there are?also several official NieR concerts coming up. The first is on April 23 in Osaka and then later on May 4th & 5th in Tokyo. Unlike our fan-based event, this one is “orchestrated” by Square Enix with official performances by Emi Evans and J’Nique Nicole. This particular event was probably made possible by the HUGE demand for tickets at the last NieR concert, last year on April 16.

Below, is a shot of one of my tickets…

Angelic text reads: “ningiyou tachi no kioku” (Memory of the Dolls).

There will probably be lots more to discuss about these events once they’ve come and gone, so please look forward to that! <3

NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack

Today is the official release of the NieR:Automata original soundtrack, but I picked it up last night. I reserved it from the Shinjuku Tower Records store some time ago to get a chance to attend the signing event later tonight. I heard from other friends who were trying to get a ticket to participate in the signing event that it was pretty random how tickets were being given out. From my understanding, priority was given to those who reserved a copy of the soundtrack ahead of time, but apparently the time when reservations were made and the time when you went into the store to pick up your copy also had a hand in determining who would be given an event ticket. How much of this is accurate, I’m not really sure, since it was purely word of mouth from my other Japanese friends.

So, I was really nervous when I went to the store after work last night… but the clerk gave me a ticket like it was nothing. xD I tried to hid my excitement while at least showing some level of gratitude. 😛


I’m working on adding the track list in both English and Japanese here, but WordPress really dislikes tables… and I’m really particular when my tables don’t display correctly… 🙁 I’ll try to upload that as soon as I can.

More amazing 2B cosplay photos and videos by Kasane!

Kasane has a long history of creating some exquisitely, high-detailed cosplays for many fandoms. Especially for DOD/NieR fans, she has also portrayed any of Yoko Taro’s characters such as Kaine, Zero, and now 2B!

And this is another great video unrelated to Kasane herself, but somewhat on topic. This is a short video of model and sword-dancer Kaori Kawabuchi who did the motion capture for Zero and 2B among others (via Facebook):

Kaori Kawabuchi “Lady Samurai”

NieR:Automata Collaboration with Valkyrie Anatomia

It seems as though NieR:Automata will have?yet another collaboration with a game. This time it’s for the iOS/Android game Valkyrie Anatomia -The Origin-.?The collaboration event is scheduled for March 27th! 😀

2B will be a playable character and 2B’s signature sword,?Virtuous Contract (replica), will be a ?6 weapon that any character can use.

Equip it with 2B herself, and her stats will go up! 2B’s voice actress, Ishikawa Yui, will also be lending her voice for the game!


Source: Gamer?| SQEX YouTube

NieR:Automata Resource Material

I’m currently working on compiling a couple things from the game. I’ve got all the Intel Archives up (English only) and I’m in the process of typing up all the Weapon Stories (English & Japanese). Be sure to check back again soon to see what’s new!

Also, please take a look at the Quick Reference links on the right side of the page. You’ll find all sorts of handy links there. I’ve updated and taken out a couple excessive links from the NieR:Automata section since it was in need of restructuring. xD

But just to be concise, here are the new links:

Intel Archives??<spoiler warning>

Weapon Stories

?? I typed all the English directly from the game myself.
? ? ?All Japanese text is courtesy?of the Japanese wiki page.

NieR:Automata World Guide Novellas

? This post is a work in progress. Please refresh this page to see what is new.
Last Edit:?2017-03-14 -?11:06:37 PM

Two Automata related novellas in the NieR:Automata World Guide book, published in tandem with the original Japanese release of the game on February 23:

  • Orbital Base Station ?Bunker? – Observation Diary by Eishima Jun
  • The Memory Cage by Eishima Jun

??This novella has 6 separate sections that tend to shift the perspective between 9S and 2B. It’s never clearly stated when it’s supposed to take place, but simply from the narrative, the reader is lead to believe that this is sometime before the start of the game, on a mission to the desert zone.

? These are notes and translations I made after a quick read-through.
Further details and/or corrections will come at a later date.

MAJOR SPOILERS for portions of the game are included in the material below.?Please don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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