MANGA: Shi ni Itaru Aka, Chapter 16 (English)

The latest chapter of Shi ni Itaru Aka just came out this past Friday, March 7th. ?I always get a kick out of the people I go to buy the very obviously Male magazine. ?I’d love to tell them why I’m buying it, but I get some sadistic pleasure out of their discomfort. ?xD

This time, I went to a bookstore near my work and the dude cashier went out of his way to HOLD THE MAGAZINE UP to make sure this is what I wanted to buy. ?Hilarious. ?The magazine also has a plastic tie around it so you have to cut it off to open, so he asked me if I wanted him to cut it off for me, by which I said yes. ?His last hilarious question was when he asked me if I wanted a bag or not. ?I probably should have said NO so I would be walking around with a boob magazine. ?lol ?I already get the GAIJIN stare; it really wouldn’t be much different.

So, anyway, here’s the latest chapter! ?I especially love the anti-climax at the end!! ?Oh, boy! ?Chapter 17 is going to be KILLER!!

Shi ni Itaru Aka, Chapter 17 (English)
Scans, editing, and translation by Rekka Alexiel.

Yoko Taro posted a photo from the chapter on his Twitter account today. ?I replied and told him how cool the ending was…and he responded, “It’s getting pretty good, right!” ?xD Yes, it indeed is!! ?<3